Tuesday, 17 September 2013


After a huge arguements, a very shitty day and everything that someone who believes in or percieves right or wrong would take up as fucked up, i learnt the biggest lesson of love and respect due to all the 'wrong' of the day. Closed my eyes, opened my heart and touched what i can now understand how someone with a religious background would percieve as a meeting with 'god', in a presence of complete and pure love and forgiveness with just sooo much understanding. Not 3rd dimentional love that is hurtful, possesive or jealous, no, pure, pure unconditional love and understanding. Pure brilliant love, no right no wrong, no polarity, just balance, everything in sync with the extemely humbling feeling and presence im in. Tears streaming down my face, tears of joy, tears of understanding, tears from being touched by this purity. A deeper understanding emerges, everything is right, everything is one, different distortions of the infinite creator. Confusion leads to understanding, the 'law of confusion' or what we call the 'law of free will' is just a primary distortion of the law of one. The same as the urgue to teach is also directly related to the urge to learn unless youre not learning what you teach - just another primary distortion of the law of one. Behind the veil of secrecy comes the oppurtunity of misunderstanding, hence learning and so figuring it out in an either positive or negative polarized society or collective conciousness, but as you move higher throught the dimentions there is only balance, perfection, beauty, understanding. After opening my eyes and drying my tears i was staring at my feet into the distance, light, halo, yellow burn, sense of dejavu and now i cant look at anyone without seeing a halo around them, it sorta looks like they are quantum leaping and then the colours start 'burning' out the halo, the weirdest, strangest and most enlightning learning experience through love and true understanding and a willingness to know thyself and i mean truly know thyself. Love and understanding, pure cleansing and healing love. True and pure unconditional love for yourself, true and pure unconditional love for others and more importantly the service to others. On the highest level teaching thus learning is godliness at a very primary distortion. Love, love and more love.

'In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.'


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