Monday, 23 September 2013

The New Age - just another Religion?

In a world where absolutely everything is wrong, well if you believe in right or wrong you'll probably see it that way. Traps and total bullshit everywhere, a system built on lies and corruption to keep us in a constant state of fear and fortunately for us confusion and confusion is the 'Law of One' in one of its most primary distortions cause confusion and not understanding causes and gives us such a huge oppertunity to learn and see the truth. If you can just open your fucking eyes and see through all the bullshit then the truth is written there plainly in huge letters, if you can quiet your mind youll realize that its inside you - the problem is that it wont just come to you, you have to look for it...and then when it finally finds you its quite the sobering experience and eye a huge eye opener and the road leading to it is a beautiful and enriching experience. Whether you want to call the negative polarity on this planet shapeshifting lizzards, the draconin, the orion empire or just plainly the illuminati they are doing us such a huge favor by trying to entrap us by using nothing but our own free will. All they do is dig the whole, give it a name written in big red letters with bright lights and arrows, advertise it as bigger, better and more expensive as last years and then they sit back and watch the minless idiots who wants to be better than their neighbour pay to run, jump and dive in head first. But those who are actually doing the effort to look for the truth will see it for just another hole, they'll try to understand it and to learn from it, then realize the purpose and thus discovering the truth, the real reason behind the reason for the actual whole in the first place. Good example of this is the new age 'religion', probably one of the smartest lies, traps and/or learning experiences fabricated. New age is such poison to the mind cause it just keeps spiritually aware people looking for the truth in another box because its just another belief system. It just puts the ascended masters up there and you the little piece of shit right at the bottom, the principle of karma per individual also prevents you from taking responsibiliy for your own actions and realising that everything that is wrong in your life is actually your own fucking fault and by realizing that it gives you the amazing oppertunity to put it down completely, let go and then freeing yourself. I mean we are in this prison or rather this beautiful and amazing learning experience anyway due to generations of people giving their responsibility away and the universe is about the law of one, love and balance so due to us giving our power away someone had to take it for the universe to balance out so we did actually create the problem we are in ourselves. And then the new age also causes people to react to the truth by saying shit like: 'sounds a bit like new age to me' or 'too New agey, no thanks' and that completely puts alot of people off the truth cause when you start searching you start researching and its almost a defiante that someone looking for the truth will run into the new age belief structure while searching, its quite the lie to fall into and one can fall hard and long into it without realizing that you are actually wasting your time and not moving forward in any way shape or form. Although the beauty is same as with most misinformation out there, there has to be enough truth in the content to sell the lie - always just a degree or five away from the truth to keep you mediocre but if you can see it for what it is, trust you higher self which you get attuned to while searching and understand the mechanics and laws of the universe, then its an amazing and aweinsipiring learning experience leading to the truth and understanding and then unconditional love for our one infinite creator, forgiveness and unconditional love towards yourself and unconditional love and understaning towards everyone else.

'Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.'
'There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.'


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