Saturday, 28 December 2013

Emotional cleansing, ascension symptoms, pretty fucked up....

I dont hate anyone and i dont think i have any enemies but what im going through i wouldnt wish upon my worst enemy. I wake up every morning feeling really amazing and happy but not happy as an emotion but more a state of being, vibrating on a way higher level as what i ever have. Ill have this sudden urge to know the time and its always the same; 11:11? Something negative will trigger me and then it just starts spiralling and building up into a 'WHAT THE FUCK IS BOTHERING ME?!?!?!' and i cant for the love of me figure out what it is and then the wrestling with myself starts...
Finally when i stop trying to figure out what the problem is and i just let go then ill see a pattern in my life thats been holding me back without me even being aware of it: parents' broken dreams, education, religion, race and then it lets go - it started leaving through my solar-plexus and now its all the way at my third eye already. When i figure out what the fuck it leaves me but i feel it 'filling up' my feet and then moving and cramping itself out all the way to the chakra through which it 'leaves' my life. Feeling lighter and better afterwards?? Not a clue what the fuck but am i the only person experiencing this? And if yes? Am i losing my fucking mind???

'All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?'


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